A guidepost is an indication or a sign, often placed at an intersection or a crossroads, providing guidance for travelers. 

It gives information about destinations that lie ahead or beyond, and the distances that must be traveled to reach them. 

It clarifies and gives direction.
It points the way. 

In a noisy world full of countless options, we sometimes arrive at our own kind of intersection. We lose our way. 

That's when it becomes important to have a guide for the journey back to you.

let's get literal:

What is a Guidepost?

I'll show you how to connect to your truth, attract your desires + dance with life.

It's time to unlock the magic within and return home to yourself.

My name is Jessica,
and I am your guide. 

The work I do in this world starts with meeting you on your journey of reawakening + self-discovery.


take embodied action

decode your destiny

step into your power

What Does Beauty Mean to You?

Through my own exploration of what makes life beautiful,
I have designed a life in which each element bears the mark of soulful creation.



I am a translator of vision, a facilitator of authenticity,
guiding you toward reclamation + celebration 
of whatever makes life beautiful to you.

let me help you

Connect with your highest self

The starting point is always the same: the very beginning. 
As in the moment your soul chose to incarnate on this earth. 
We begin with the story of you — your natal chart. 

A blueprint as unique as a fingerprint, your birth chart is our home base, your gift from the cosmos + the key that will unlock all doors.

From here we will embark on an exploratory path of self-discovery that will help you uncover your most authentic desires,
the permission to pursue them, and the energetic process you'll use
— all while leaving plenty of room for magic. 

What is the story you want to tell? In life? In business? From deep within?

I am here to shine a light on your self-trust + intuition
as a Guidepost on your spiritual path and journey of self-awareness.
This has everything to do with who you choose to be in this world
From your career to your relationships, to the way you dress and even your interests
The "rules" tell us that we can't merge all of those things — that they don't fit together. 

We CAN bring it all together harmoniously to create a life that feels like YOURS.

So that you can break the rules.
So that you can step outside the box (and any limiting beliefs, conditioning, stories about yourself, or past versions of you)

Are You Ready to Set Yourself Free?

The AstroIntensive is a powerful + clarifying 90-minute astrology-infused coaching session (or my version of a clarity call) on Zoom that will provide you with immediate insights for your unique journey. From there, we'll decide whether you're an energetic match for continued support + collaboratively choose the coaching container or creative solution (guidepost) that's aligned with the true you. We don't need to know all the answers or how it will end.

but i say screw that.

We just need to start.

Follow Me, love. I've got you.

book your

The Gateway to the Guideposts

Or, if you need to take things slow, go for insight without integration and book an individual astrology reading. These sessions are still deeply illuminating, the difference is that the approach is purely informational. 

Guidepost Creative is an invitation
to unravel • to connect • to deepen

the work i do in this world starts with meeting you
on your journey of reawakening + self-discovery.

My name is Jessica, and I am your guide. 

The wait list is open for the late summer cohort. Click below to sign up.

the most high-touch + in-depth natal chart deep dive you've ever received, which includes intentionally curated + customized takeaways + action steps for integration

Natal Chart Reading

Choose from several custom approaches to specific chart themes + areas of curiosity for pinpoint clarity on the questions that matter most

Specialty Reading

A comprehensive overview of your big 3 (sun, moon + rising) that will illustrate who you are, inside + out, as well as how you're outwardly perceived


Individual Astrology Readings

90 mins

60 mins

30 mins

Wait list is open for late summer! Click below to sign up!

Holistic, elemental + intuitively aligned

creative solutions
for any area of life 

I'm earth + fire + filled with desire, 
bringing balance to the work that I do through the lens of the four elements. Each element + type of service is a Guidepost illuminating the way to your next level.

When you indulge your curiosity and follow the Guideposts along your own lifelong quest for self,

and suddenly the mission expands to help others find the same wisdom,

Throughout this site you'll find snippets of my story, and you might just piece together that I'm finally doing the work I want to do in the way I've always wanted to do it. Because I've learned to listen to my soul's whispers + reinvent my business time and time again as an extension of myself and a reflection of my own inner transformation, I stand confident and delighted in the promise that I can help you do the same.

you begin to unlock your inner wisdom.

Hey, I'm Jessica!

while you're embodying the frequency of integration, transcendence, and authenticity. 

It All Starts with a Spark

But before we dive in...

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My Story

Ways to Work with Me

The gateway to the guideposts and my 3 and 6-month coaching containers, this is where everyone starts.

An interpretive analysis of the snapshot of your soul from the perspective of the cosmos.

The 90-minute

astrology readings

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the four elemental guideposts

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Members-only services available by design to current coaching clients or aligned recipients of the 90-minute AstroIntensive.

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In just one, no-strings-attached 90-minute session, you'll walk away with

A greater sense of clarity and perspective

Inspired action steps so that you can make real and lasting change 

An intuitive outside perspective that can help you zoom out and identify the true problems and blocks you're experiencing and discern which things are just distractions

Recommendations that are in alignment with your unique energetic signature

Valuable insights on repeating themes and patterns in your life

Personalized, gentle spiritual recommendations and tools to incorporate into your practice right now for immediate relief and peace

Recommendations for future services and special offers related to your session

And so much more — I always leave room for magic, so who knows!

Yes, Please!

AND you can apply the cost you paid to a future service container with me, whether that's 6 months of continuous coaching support, a website package, design of your sacred space, or something else. 
So you've literally got nothing to lose. You ready? I'm here, whenever you are.

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"We have received more Google search calls in the past 24 months than we have in the past ten years. Could not be more satisfied with her creative design and professionalism. She is awesome and we highly recommend her!"
— Rob Burpee
Owner, The Burpee Group, LLC

"Since we retained Jessica to design our website, our Google rating has skyrocketed!"

"In addition to her marketing expertise, Jessica has strong writing and organizational skills, enabling her to help people in any industry or profession. Jessica will bend over backwards to get things done well and on time!" 
— Tony B.
President, Eduspire

"We couldn't be happier with the quality, skill, expertise, and attention to detail that Jessica has provided Eduspire."

"This is my go-to company for all of my marketing needs."

— Dana H.
Director of Dining Services

"Job well done! I'm so pleased with the work that this company did for my 2 small businesses that I've referred others to Guidepost Creative."

"Happily, a couple of those referrals took my advice and are now just as pleased with the work they've had done, if not more-so. Keep up the good work, Jessica!"
— Maegan H.
Real Estate

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From coaching that supports your highest vision to creative alchemy for embodied transformation, I'm your guide through all stages of transition, awakening + self-discovery.

You can stop looking.
You've found your