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your career + purpose
your physical environment
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creative alchemy

I provide services that facilitate

I'm jessica.
Creatrix, intuitive guide, astrologer,
+ taco fanatic.

through personal analysis,
+ embodied action 

so that all roads lead to a single destination:

undeniable beauty.

Connection has always been a catalyst for me. I'm one of those people who can create a deep connection with just about anyone.

I see beauty, inspiration + endless possibility everywhere, and I believe that even the most unlikely things can be interconnected.

This love of connection, and deep fascination with language as the connective tissue, led me to start writing at a very young age.

I can remember moving cross-country to New Jersey as a little girl, barely knowing anyone, and selling hand-written, hand-illustrated, hand-bound stories on the sidewalk in front of my house. Not lemonade, books.

My love of connection is how I ended up here.

I wanted to be a matchmaker from day one.

About aliens. 

I started getting my writing published around the age of 11 and dove into just about any creative endeavor I could find. I pursued performing arts for a while, participated in competitions, and almost started a career in music, but something held me back. I couldn't yet pinpoint what it was, and I meandered through a series of corporate roles that felt
safe but lackluster.

Although I always carved my own path + created new positions imbued with creativity, I knew I was meant for more. 
So I left corporate. I didn't want the office life anymore. But I didn't want to just pour out onto an audience, either.

I wanted to interact on a deeper level. I wanted to create, to collaborate, and to inspire. I wanted to guide.

For 7 years I guided people to the creative solutions that best suited their expanded visions for the future, whether through website design, email marketing, blogging, or something else. But as I embarked on my own personal journey of self-discovery and evolution, something dawned on me: I had begun playing small.

I was comfortable offering corporate services with freelance flair, but it was no longer lighting my fire. 

So I decided to burn it down. First it was 25 Hours Consulting. Then that company got a digital makeover with a website that felt like version 2.0, but no real change was made. I was still holding on. Reawakening to the spark within is only the first step. Walking away from familiarity is hard. One of my favorite quotes is "you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

My comfy, well-worn freelancer badge was the shoreline that needed to fade into the distance as I swam toward the horizon. Side note: I can't actually swim, but it's a metaphor. You know where I'm going with this.

From the ashes of 25 Hours Consulting, Guidepost Creative was born. The name aligned perfectly with my aspirations to creatively guide. It's still taking shape, and I'm comfortable with that.
Sometimes living in the questions is the only way to find answers.
We can't always solve for the variables, and we don't have to. 

In this life, we have permission to reinvent ourselves as many times as we want.

To try on as many different identities (or careers) as we do outfits.
We get to be anything and everything while simultaneously deciding what we don't want to be.

I no longer wanted to be a freelance provider of corporate skills for the masses. 
Especially not in a way that left no room for my intuition or for my own desires to be met and utilized.
Instead, I wanted to facilitate the kind of personal awakening + journeys of self-discovery that have transformed my entire mindset and reality. And in the process of doing so, then and only then will I recommend creative solutions for specific individuals from a place of alignment. Because that's how the work takes on meaning and becomes special.

So, without further ado, Guidepost Creative is at your service
because sharing, teaching + connecting are what light my fire.
Matchmaking is my specialty.
I am here to match you with the intuitive, spiritual, and creative vessel that will catapult you into the next phase of your life.
I blend my multi-industry corporate + freelance experience, my talent as an avid and in-demand writer, my creative skillset, my astrology and holistic life coach training, my experience with various healing modalities, and a uniquely imaginative + intuitive approach to pinpointing what makes you tick
in order to breathe life into whatever dreams feel juuust beyond reach — and float them down to you. 

Are you ready to stop denying your desires? It's time to uplevel.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Fun facts about Jessica

states + countries traveled

43 / 8

publications have featured my writing


languages studied


life as a
creative girl boss +

7+ years of

Jack + Ginger or Hendricks + Club with lime

My drink of choice is...

Road trips! Wine tastings! Charcuterie! All-you-can-eat tacos! Buying lots of scarves and not wearing them

My daydreams consist of...

crisp morning walks in the woods + afternoon meditation, bubble baths with books and wine

The best part of my day is...

The Voice


HIIT + free weights

Shareable meals +
live music

Puns, palindromes, rhyming + alliteration

Fuzzy blankets + scented candles

Great shoes, interesting fabrics + textures, vivid colors

my favorite things

— Ariel M.

"My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Everything you touch turns to gold and it's such a pleasure working with you!"

— Sarah W.

“You nailed it! Trust your channel. Your intuition is on point! You were born to do this work. You have a true talent for astrology.” 

think we'd make great friends? me too.

Let's work together!

Because you deserve to feel supported, guided, and confident, wherever your journey takes you. 

Because you deserve to have someone hold space for all of the big discoveries you make when you start living your truth.

And because you deserve holistically aligned creative solutions that support all your shapeshifting and embody who you want to be.

work together

Most recently named Motion Graphics Coordinator for Temple Athletics, Caroline's fresh perspective on visual media and animation add that extra flair to any upscale web design project.

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Published author, acclaimed photographer, and owner of MTI Photography, Andrew captures stunning, high-impact visuals for clients of Guidepost Creative. 

Andrew Ludewig

The face of Guidepost Creative, Jessica is a creative force. Bringing an endless supply of ideas and inspiration to your project, Jessica's outside-the-box vision and undeniable authenticity combine with her experience and practical expertise to bring your projects to life and make them serve your goals.

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