30-minute Mini Reading:
Big 3 (Sun, Moon + Rising)

Individual Astrology Readings

A specialty reading is a unique way to receive helpful insight into specific areas of your life where you may desire more clarity. 

Less intense than a full 90-minute natal chart work-up, but still thorough and comprehensive, these readings are customized to your preferences and your chart as follows :

Through the lens of each of these areas, you can learn a great deal about your career trajectory + leadership potential, destined career path + true soul calling, karmic lessons, emotional baggage, inner child wounding, your triggers + shadow self, your love + relationship archetypes, the way you think, create + communicate, and more. 

Your virtual reading will be recorded so that you can refer back to it anytime, and you will also receive a write-up for deeper study + integration. 

If you're feeling stuck or confused in any area of your life, book today to gain insight + clarity. 

  • Nodal Axis reading
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality + Healing
  • Profession + Purpose
  • Asteroids + Dark Side 
  • Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars
  • Major Angles (AC, DC, IC, MC)
  • Communication + Leadership Styles

Your natal chart is truly a masterpiece. It is as unique as your fingerprint. 

Astrology is so much more than the mainstream presents to us in the form of commercialized horoscopes. It's not really about predicting the future, although it can be helpful in forecasting life events, but it's a stunningly accurate depiction of all the life themes, knowledge, experiences, and our own nuanced makeup that paints a remarkable picture of our evolution. 

It always takes into account free will, so it's not a matter of fate or control — rather the governing energies at play in your life at any particular time and the way in which you're being called to integrate them, benefit from them, or evolve past them. 

A natal chart work-up is an integral part of any spiritual healing journey or foray into self-discovery and awareness. I fell in love with astrology because it is truly an art form and a language in itself. 

Communication is healing for me, and when I combine that with my ability to understand and synthesize complex human experiences in a creative way, it helps others feel connected to their truth. That's my mission. 

Are you ready?

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New to astrology? The Big 3 mini reading is the perfect way to dip your toes in without getting overwhelmed. 

I'll provide you with an interpretive analysis of your three key luminaries, your sun, moon, and rising sign. This will allow us to explore the two basic sides of your personality, as well as your karma.

You are probably most aware of your sun sign — it's the one you go by when you read your horoscope. The sun represents your identity + how you shine. 

Astrology newbies are usually not as familiar with their moon sign. The moon represents your emotions + inner world. It's your preferred form of self-care, your private thoughts, and your reflexive behaviors. 

Lastly, your rising sign completes the picture. It is the sign that rose on the eastern horizon in the sky at the moment of your birth. It sets the tone for the rest of your chart, and it signifies your outward persona, or the way the world perceives you. It represents your decisions, perspectives, daily choices, and sense of style. 

A Big 3 mini reading is the perfect bite-sized introduction to anyone who is cosmically curious, and it's a great starting point to any journey of self-awareness. Understanding yourself is a valuable tool. 

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60-minute Specialty Reading:
Focused Insight

90-minute Deep Dive:
Complete Natal Chart

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For cosmic clarity on your journey of self-discovery

I  developed a deep love for astrology through my own personal journey of healing + self-discovery. I've decided to make it my work to facilitate the same type of deep relief that comes from validating your own inner truth, for others.

My work is in finding + holding high the moral compass of the collective, helping you process + shed old personas to make way for a newer + truer you.

When you do the internal work + remain grounded, opportunity will follow. A natal chart reading is a great launching point. A transit forecast reading takes it to the next level. Trust is a part of my process just as much as a commitment to excellence. 

Let me help you unearth your own inner authority, set yourself free from the routines, narratives + people who aren’t here for your growth + healing, and help you navigate all the behind-the-scenes things you thought were random in your life. 

Why Astrology?
Why Me?

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 90-minute Year-Ahead Forecast

A transit forecast reading gives you a powerful play-by-play of your upcoming year, according to how the planetary movement affects your natal placements in real time. The most clarifying gift you can give yourself, a transit reading will have a ripple effect for years to come. Many clients gift themselves transit readings annually around their birthday, or add it onto another standard reading to further enhance their journey of self-discovery. It's the ultimate investment in yourself + the embodiment of your purpose. Click below to book yours today!