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— Courtney p. | educator

"Working with Jessica on updating my resume was a smooth and enjoyable process! Jessica helped me change my long, outdated resume into a concise, polished resume that I am proud of. She was very easy to work with through email, and her policy of 3 revisions was just perfect for getting the wording and formatting just right. Her turnaround time was super quick. There's no way I would have been able to create such a beautiful resume without partnering with her. I highly recommend you reach out if you are looking for a new job or just want to update your resume to keep it current. Thank you Jessica!"

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Episode 11:
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Eyes on Fire author and creator of The Unseen Realm fiction series, empath Carrie Hiott Richmond uses her firsthand experiences with inner & spiritual healing to navigate life in a way that is not only truly soul-aligning but also deeply fulfilling. I had the privilege of joining Carrie on her podcast, Southern Glow, in episodes 6 and 11, to talk about astrology in a biblical context and what it's like to work with an astrologer personally and professionally. 

Astrology in a biblical context

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Recently Bold Journey graciously held space for me to tell the story of my own bold journey through entrepreneurship (with all of its twists and turns). Imposter syndrome happens to all of us, and in this interview I chat about learning to treat it as something to dance with and get curious about, rather than treating it as something to overcome.

Recently Bold Journey graciously held space for me to tell the story of my own bold journey through entrepreneurship (with all of its twists and turns).

Imposter syndrome happens to all of us, and in this interview I chat about learning to treat it as something to dance with and get curious about, rather than treating it as something to overcome.

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Asking Jessica to make over my resume was the best decision ever made. She was able to take my “first job in high-school” formatted draft, and turn it into the most professional and concise version it could be. I never imagined it could look as amazing as it does, and still be able to exhibit the right amount of information that perfectly highlights myself and my accomplishments. I have already been telling all my friends and family about Jessica’s services, and will continue to sing her praises! Thanks for the pathway to a new beginning!

 — Jorden E. | Hospitality Industry Professional

"Best decision ever made."

How do I even start? I knew I wanted to hire a business consultant but really wasn’t sure what I wanted them to do. I spoke with 3 companies on the phone and pretty much “interviewed” who I wanted to hire...well let me say, Jessica blew my mind! Jessica won me over with her knowledge and her “game plan” to help drive clients to my business. Within a few days calls came / emails came / texts came... and we were able to track these calls to what she did. Now all I had to do was convert them to sales. My close rate was up as she helped build that trust between me and my clients. I will be continuing to use her business in the future and will be extended my contract. 5 star business all the way!!!!

 — Gerard P. | Power Washing Professional

"5 star business all the way."

I hired Jessica to design and layout our new website, and we could not be more pleased with her creative design and professionalism. We are always told how great our website is. She is awesome and we highly recommend her!

 — Robert B. | Custom Construction, Pool Design + Builder

"We are always told how great our website is."

Going from a place of being a professional procrastinator, working with Jessica has helped in many ways. She has coached me on ways to improve my business strategy and improve my work-life balance. The creative ideas that she has coached me on and helped implement in my business have been absolutely crucial to my success. I could not say enough good about Guidepost Creative and Jessica's positive energy.
— Donald N. | Home Inspector + Handyman

"Absolutely crucial to my success."

Our business used Jessica for a full website creation. We could not be happier with the results and the overall experience that she offered us. Jessica was extremely helpful throughout and has been just an email away for any updates that have been required as our business grows. Would recommend to anyone looking for website hosting needs.

— Nick H. | Industrial Engineering

"Could not be happier."

“Jessica is brilliant. I had worked over 20 years for the same place, with multiple roles, and had been overwhelmed in trying to summarize it all and she nailed it! I now have a wonderfully impressive resume, thanks to her.” 

Michelle H. | Technical Services Administrator

“The final product was nothing short of amazing.” 

I used Jessica's services for some much-needed work on my resume. The final product was nothing short of "amazing" and she summarized my decades of work experience beautifully. The fees for her services were more than reasonable with the apparent time and effort she spent. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Barry T. | Senior Vice President

“Her creative nature and professionalism were a perfect match for us.” 

Working with Guidepost Creative and Jessica Champion is wonderful. Her ability to understand and communicate the needs of clients proved to benefit all parties involved. We couldn't be happier with Jessica and we look forward to working with her again soon.

Andrew L. | Photographer, Entrepreneur

“Brings our business great traffic.” 

Jessica is amazing. Very responsive, professional, and creative. Wonderful ideas and graphics which brings our business great traffic.

John S. | HVAC Professional

“You nailed it! Trust your channel. Your intuition is on point! You were born to do this work. You have a true talent for astrology.” 

“Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is super helpful and knowledgeable."

 With having such a diverse work history and an outdated resume, I wasn't sure how to craft a new one to land my dream job. She worked with me to learn my strengths and my past work experience so she could tailor a resume that showed exactly who I am, what I'm good at and would grab the attention of employers. And when I needed to make minor adjustments, she was always super responsive and helpful. I would recommend Jessica time and time again.

Brandon M. | Senior Marketing Specialist

In addition to her marketing expertise, Jessica has strong writing and organizational skills, enabling her to help people in any industry or profession. Jessica will bend over backwards to get things done well and on time!

Tony B. | President, Eduspire

"We couldn't be happier with the quality, skill, expertise, and attention to detail that Jessica has provided Eduspire."

Some business decisions are very simple — here’s one of them. If you want to showcase your business in the best possible way, you should contact Guidepost Creative and put the name Jessica Champion on speed dial.
If you want a beautiful, tailored website, or one that screams innovation — Jessica can build it.
If you want a social media presence that is cutting edge and tells your story — Jessica can manage it.
If you want a professional who listens to your vision — Jessica can elevate it.
If you want a Champion in your corner then call one — call Jessica Champion at Guidepost Creative.

Sheryll O. | Author

Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
Responsiveness, Value. 

Turnaround time was terrific, communication was easy, taking concepts and turning them into actual things exceeded my vision. Am thrilled to work with Jess and refer my spiritual entrepreneurial friends and colleagues to this magnificent creative collective. 

Ariel M. | Entrepreneur, Massage Therapist

"My experience with Guidepost Creative has been nothing short of exceptional since our first conversation."

“My reading with Jessica was very accurate and detailed."

She went deeper and made a lot of connections that made sense to me. I felt lighter afterwards, the reading gave me insights that helped me put some of my pieces together. It helped me understand myself.

— Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising

"This is my go-to company for all of my marketing needs."

Dana H. | Director of Dining Services

"I had goosebumps the whole time you were talking."

This is just crazy. It's like you were looking right into my brain. It's a little intimidating because most of my friends don't even know me on that level. The connections you helped me make to certain parts of my life are mind-blowing and the journal prompts and affirmations you gave me are so thought-provoking and insightful. Thank you!

— Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Rising

"Job well done! I'm so pleased with the work that this company did for my 2 small businesses that I've referred others to Guidepost Creative."

Happily, a couple of those referrals took my advice and are now just as pleased with the work they've had done, if not more-so. Keep up the good work, Jessica!

Maegan H. | Real Estate

“Jessica had great energy and she knew what she was talking about."

What she shared with me really resonated. She held space and listened when I vocally shared realizations that I was making as she was going through the information. The reading really clarified things for me, and I would recommend having one done if you want to gain insight into your personality, relationships and overall insight into your life, past and present.

— Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising

“This was amazing!

I don’t know what I expected but all of this was so aligned and will really help me figure out where I’m going next. Thank you so much.

— Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising

"I feel empowered and supported."

I’ve been intrigued by astrology for some time. But every time I decided to dive in, I’d be easily overwhelmed and couldn’t see how it could connect to my life experience. Working with Jessica demystified the experience. She helped me understand and see how life events and my personality are connected to astrology. She guided me through ways that I could balance my life and meet my goals using the information provided in my chart. I walked away with clarity and an action plan. I highly recommend this experience!

— Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising

"I felt authentically seen."

Had an incredible experience with Guidepost Creative! I felt as though Jessica was truly prepared, invested, and I felt authentically seen through her reading. So grateful and highly recommended!

— Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising

"This explains my whole life."

I’ve never heard my rising sign talked about in this way before, it really makes a lot of sense. I always felt kind of torn between my sun and moon sign and never really resonated with my rising sign, but now I see that it’s totally this point of balance for me. This explains my whole life. You’re speaking my language.

— Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising