Tailored Insights as Unique as Your Fingerprint

The gateway to the Guideposts, the 90-minute AstroIntensive will give you the insights and strategies needed to take aligned, embodied action. 

The 90-minute AstroIntensive is essentially my version of a clarity call. It's a first-of-its-kind hybrid coaching-session-meets-astrology-reading that will make you feel seen, heard, validated, and guided through any period of transition or stagnation. Both a self-contained, standalone session and an invitation to deepen, you'll walk away from the AstroIntensive with sustaining clarity and inspiring curiosity. 

The Astro-Intensive is the starting point for all Guidepost services. If it meets your needs, great — but during our time together we'll likely uncover opportunities for further exploration. That's because this unique meeting of the minds will illuminate the questions and answers of your soul. We'll tap into your own innate wisdom and discuss the best ways for you to respond to life's challenges, according to your distinct energy type, resonant themes and inherent patterning. We'll challenge any long-held, limiting beliefs and conditioning that may be holding you back from dancing with life and reaching your fullest potential. And, at the end, we'll decide on next steps that feel intuitively aligned, embodied, and supportive as you forge a new path on your journey toward beauty, fulfillment, and making every day sacred. 

The 90-minute AstroIntensive is for women on a journey of self-discovery, who want more out of life and their current reality.
If you are a seeker, an independent spirit, a leader ready to claim her authority and highest vision —
If you are someone who has tried on a million identities and still feel like you haven't quite found the one —
If you are ready to reclaim beauty, brilliance, personal power, and a sovereign way of being and existing in the world —
If you are ready to try something different —
Then this is for you. Come home to yourself. The answers aren't outside, they're within. 

• A grounding light meditation based on breath work and visualization techniques to quiet your energy and clear your channel

• A supportive and open dialogue with someone who is present and prepared to hear, see, and intuitively guide you

• An interpretive analysis of your specific energetic qualities, patterns, themes, gifts, and potential blocks

• Intuitive guidance and holistic resources for overcoming blocks, fully stepping into your power, and meeting your destiny

• Feedback that feels deeply personal and aligned to you, so that you can take confident + embodied action

• A full, in-depth write-up to accompany lifetime access to the meeting recording, for your reference anytime

• A follow-up email containing reminders for integration steps and access to holistic resources cultivated specifically for you

• An invitation to deepen the progress we've made through continued support in the form of customized offerings and longer-term containers, with the price you paid for your intensive as a credit toward your investment

multi-faceted brilliance.

In your 90-minute Zoom session and immediately afterward, you'll receive:

In the span of these 90 minutes, you will feel supremely and exquisitely supported, clear, and ready —
Ready to make radical change for authentic expression.
Ready to be more you and less who you thought you were supposed to be.
This is your permission and your invitation to embark on the greatest journey of your life, 
starting with a single, transformational 90-minute session. 

Are you ready?

I can't wait to meet you. 
Click below to learn more about the work I do, how it's taken shape through the years, and why guiding others through this process feels so damn good. Oh, and don't forget to book your session. Your future self will thank you.



WHAT you get

As soon as you book your 90-minute AstroIntensive, the universe puts a beautiful plan in motion. 
Based on the answers you provide on your application, I get to work decoding and interpreting the captivating mystery of you,
in all of your