One-to-one 6-Month Live By the Moon

Intuitive Coaching Support

Hello there, moon goddess.

You're ready for a change, aren't you? If you’ve been implementing metaphysical tools into your daily practice and have started noticing results, but would like a more comprehensive and consistent framework, dive into this 90-day Cosmic Clarity program. 

A condensed and accelerated version of Live by the Moon, this sacred container is designed to jumpstart and integrate transformation in one dedicated area. It's an intimate journey that will catalyze your next-level breakthrough or help you step into powerful embodiment of the changes you've already begun to manifest for yourself. 

This program is less focused on seeking clarity and foundational change — it's more focused on applying the wisdom of the cosmos to a specific area of your life through the prescriptive lens of the astrological climate over the course of our 90 days together. Through 6 bi-weekly 90-minute Zoom sessions (with in-between Voxer support), you’ll collapse time, take decisive action, blossom into your most authentic self, and celebrate the reimagined version of you that emerges. You might be the ideal candidate for Cosmic Clarity if you:

  • have been on a healing journey for a while
  • are familiar + comfortable with cosmic concepts
  • have already undergone some transformation
  • are looking for embodied practices + supportive resources to round out your journey
  • are overhauling your life + have some clarity but need help tying up loose ends that don't quite fit your new identity
  • love astrology but aren't sure how to implement its wisdom in practical ways 
  • are ready to press the reset button and revise a specific area of your life

One-to-one 90-Day Cosmic Clarity

let's embark

meet the new you

astrology-infused guidance for manifesting your highest vision

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This program bears a similar structure to Live By the Moon, and utilizes the same toolkit of curated healing resources, but the key differences are the length and intensity of the container.

I promise, we'll still go deep, and it'll still be transformative.

If you possess a foundational knowledge of your own inner work, or have already begun this journey somewhere else and desire to be met in the middle, then let's collapse time together. You get to decide which area of life you'd like to focus on, and together we'll uncover any blocks, growth edges, and opportunities on your path. 

It's amazing what a difference 90 days can make.

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90-minute AstroIntensive.

We’ll embark on our work together by getting clear on your intentions, releasing, deconditioning, transmuting blocks, alchemizing energy, embracing sacred rest, acknowledging progress, and we'll culminate with a special celebration.

This intimate journey of self-discovery will catapult you into your next level, whether you’re navigating a life-changing transition or seeking spiritual healing, and is a hybrid approach consisting of astrological insight, cosmic and celestial attunement, intuitive guidance, and personal + professional upleveling through (optional VIP-tier) customized creative services that bear the mark of your specific energetic signature. The deep mind-body-soul connection that is the cornerstone of this program makes it extremely unique and personal. No two client experiences will be the same.

If any of this is resonating with you, then what are you waiting for? This program is for you! We'll decode your desires, explore transformative techniques and life-changing modalities to remove the blocks that stand between you and your highest potential, and harness the power of your own inner wisdom to create lasting impact.

It's time to bet on yourself.
You've got this, and I've got you. 

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  • Clarity: You’ll walk away from each session with a renewed sense of calm and clarity that connects the truth of your soul to the wisdom of your body. No longer will you feel detached, scattered and unsure. 
  • Confidence: As we move through your program together, you will develop the confidence to live and speak your truth, shine your light, and radiate within the frequency that matches your desires. 
  • Vision: You’ll get to the bottom of what’s really true for you as I hold up the mirror and help you answer the tough questions. I’ll help you sift the substance from the fluff so that your vision becomes, perhaps for the first time, crystal clear.
  • Aligned Action: Each of our sessions will conclude with meaningful action steps that feel not only manageable, but true to you. You’ll receive a follow-up email reminding you of key discussion points and personalized action items for each. 
  • Embodiment: You’ll shine like the light that you are while diving deep into the transformational work of self-exploration. Everything unaligned will begin to fall away as everything that is meant for you begins to manifest inside your new reality. 

The Outcome:

If You're Ready to Finally:

  • Move from s(ca)red to s(ac)red in your everyday reality
  • Make your life a living prayer in devotion to beauty and authenticity
  • Dance with feminine creativity and joy in ways big and small
  • Answer the questions “who am I now?” and “what’s true for me today?”
  • Recover from people-pleasing and crack the code of codependency
  • Establish protective boundaries around your space, time, and energy
  • Reclaim your authority, stand in your power, and reinvent your life
  • Do something different and manifest your desired reality

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the outcome of each program 
+ how to know you're ready:

Hey, soul-seeker.

Are you on the brink of a massive identity shift, major life change, or an intimidating transition? Not quite sure what it is, but you feel it in your bones? I feel you.
I know the energy in these liminal spaces can feel daunting, but I assure you, among all the uncertainty is where you’re the most ripe for transformative growth. If you’d like to lean into that, I invite you to chart a course to your next level inside my 6-month Live By the Moon astro-coaching container. 

This is a one-to-one coaching program for any woman undergoing a major life transformation who would benefit from holistic guidance. I’ll be guiding you through peeling back the layers of all of the false identities, outdated agreements, and deep fear-based conditioning, so that you can emerge as the fearless, captivating badass that you are. 

We’ll align with the cycles of the moon, beginning on the new moon and ending on the full moon in the same zodiac sign. This intentional attunement will create an energetic portal, inspiring you to set clear intentions, embrace the cyclical nature of progress, and track your growth along with the ebbs and flows of the moon. 

The guiding themes of this program will be driven by your cosmic blueprint and what’s most important to you right now, whether that be a total overhaul of life as you know it or something more specific like your relationships or your business. 

What it includes:
  • Customized manifestation practices for each moon phase
  • Curated mind-body exercises (breath work, affirmations, meditations, and journaling)
  • Personalized astrological insight for illuminated self-discovery
  • Highly individualized intuitive guidance from a certified astrologer, certified holistic life coach, and someone who’s been where you are
  • Sacred and supportive space just for you to meet your soul during 12 bi-weekly 90-minute Zoom sessions (that are recorded for lifetime access) with Voxer support in between

6-Month Live By the Moon Program

3-Month Cosmic Clarity Program

Live By the Moon + Cosmic Clarity are intensive, intimate one-to-one containers with personalized, ongoing support. If you're looking for something equally mystical on a more introductory level, do inquire about my upcoming 30-day group program, Sacred Vessel, which will be available for $495. Subscribe to my newsletter, The Stars Told Me, and be among the first to know when doors open.


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The Investment

Feel the love from Day 1: 
A personalized welcome gift sent to your address + an opening ceremony infused with custom elements based on your energetic blueprint + unique life themes

Be abundantly supported: 6 or 12 bi-weekly, 90-minute Zoom sessions with Voxer chat support in-between

Know what to expect: Outlined program modules created intuitively and super-uniquely based on myriad factors including your astrological profile, the phases of the moon + the discussion points that emerge during your intensive

Feel comforted, held + guided: A safe supportive space to tune into your intuition, receive validation + be gently guided by someone who's familiar with this work

Gather momentum: Think of me as your accountability partner who will provide reflection + translation of your inner world from a spiritual perspective and steer you toward your truth

Explore your capacity for healing: I'll incorporate supportive techniques from a variety of modalities for embodied integration (according to your 6th house self-care signatures)

Feel nurtured + refreshed: Some of the tools you'll experience include energy work, breath work, grounding exercises, journaling, meditation, visualization, recommended reading, astrology, human design, oracle readings + more

Feel connected + integrated: You'll receive a follow-up email after each session which will contain action steps (integration homework) and the session recording for your reference anytime

Feel taken care of: Access to members-only creative services, custom-designed for your unique situation + infused with your authentic essence, that will catapult you into your next-level vision + elevate your presence on every level

Feel special: Exclusive and early access to any other special offers that I launch

Be celebrated: I'll prepare a special closing ceremony + send you a celebratory gift to mark the culmination of your journey + symbolize your remarkable growth

you will:

AstroIntensive Coaching Programs

Ready to elevate?

Within my

We Always Start at the Beginning

Ready to take the first step?

What it is: The AstroIntensive is a powerful + clarifying 90-minute astrology-infused coaching session (or my version of a clarity call) on Zoom that will provide you with immediate insights for your unique journey. From there, we'll decide whether you're an energetic match for continued support + collaboratively choose the coaching container or creative solution (guidepost) that's aligned with the true you.

What you get: You get space held for you in an accessible way that is not a big commitment of time or money, and you get deeply personalized insight. This is more than food for thought — it's a safe and non-overwhelming way to start stepping into your power through the awareness of who you are at a soul level. 

What you don't get: There is no pressure or obligation. You can relax knowing that the AstroIntensive is a wildly supportive vessel on its own, even if you're unsure whether or not you desire ongoing coaching support at this time. There are no strings attached, and you will receive a 30-day credit for applying the cost of your intensive to your first month of coaching if you do decide to continue. 

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Not for You?
Book an Individual Astrology Reading Instead!

Do you just want information to process and digest? Not necessarily ready for action? That's ok too! Whether you're just starting out on your journey of self-discovery or looking for a different perspective, an individual astrology reading provides a high level of detail and custom insight about who you are, without the practical application for where you're trying to go. It's perfect for when you haven't quite chosen a direction yet, but you want to start somewhere. Head over to the readings page to choose the insight that resonates with you. 

And who doesn't love bonuses:

  • BONUS: Apply the cost of your intensive to the first month of your coaching package
  • BONUS: The entire cost of your program is fully tax deductible
  • BONUS: The ripple effect of making this type of investment in yourself is one that pays dividends for years to come
  • ICING ON THE CAKE: Receive a luxe gift when you pay-in-full for your 1:1 coaching package!

Coming Home to Yourself Always Starts with the Moment Your Soul Chose to Be Here

Cosmic Clarity
90 days | One-to-one | $2,570
3 payments of $856 or 6 payments of $428

The cost of your AstroIntensive ($777) will be credited towards your first month!

Live By the Moon
6 months | One-to-one | $4,545
6 payments of $757 or 12 payments of $379

The cost of your AstroIntensive ($777) will be credited towards your first month!

Sacred Vessel
30-day group program | $495

No payment plans

Live By the Moon + Cosmic Clarity are intensive, intimate one-to-one containers with personalized, ongoing support. If you're looking for something equally mystical on a more introductory level, do inquire about my upcoming 30-day group program, Sacred Vessel, which will be available for $495. Subscribe to my newsletter, The Stars Told Me, and be among the first to know when doors open.


— Linda C.
Senior Compliance Manager

"I feel that I got way more than I paid for, especially because I landed the job at a much higher rate of pay!"

— Ariel M.
Owner, Delta E.M. Wellness

"You consistently go above and beyond and it’s such a pleasure working with you!"