Your awesomeness can't be contained by a
single-page PDF.
That's why I created Power Pages™ - 
to give you the ability to showcase your entire skillset, as broad as it may be, as well as your unique personality! The perfect accompaniment to your
up-leveled resume, think of a Power Page™ as your digital portfolio or sales sheet. It's essentially a landing page where prospective clients or employers can go to learn all about their next top candidate - you!

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Power Pages™

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Stand out from the lookalike piles of paper and bullet point banality with a resume that'll kick down the door to your next level, no matter the leap. Set up your clarity call below or keep scrolling to learn more.

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Uplevel your career with a self-contained digital portfolio (essentially a mini website version of a resume where you can really impress)! Set up your clarity call below or keep scrolling to learn more.

Power Pages™

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, "Did you feel like you had it all together and knew what you were doing when you started your business?" The answer is a resounding NO! And while I do consider myself a calculated risk-taker, the leap to entrepreneurship was not something I was at all prepared for — or at least I didn't think I was. My Career Re//Vision coaching program will give you the tools I wish I'd had when I started out, so that you can shorten the learning curve and step right into your next level without the anxiety and overwhelm. There are two options, depending on the level of support you need: a 90-minute intensive and a six-month container. The Re//Vision Roundtable is a great supplement to either option. 

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How We Make

Magic Happen

This initial meet + greet is more like a super informal interview. I want to know everything, so pretend I'm your bff and spill. Getting to know you both personally + professionally is a huge part of my creative process, because I infuse your uniqueness into everything I create, making your website, resume, or Power Page™ unlike any other. We'll talk about your strengths + skills, hopes + dreams, needs + solutions, as well as your ideal reality. Then I get started making it all come to life!

We'll meet on Zoom or chat on the phone for 30 minutes to get acquainted + start strategizing!

Step One: We Talk

Go ahead and keep practicing your interview responses in the mirror and, while you're at it, pick out your best victory outfit because you're gonna get that call. I'll review all of the information you've provided, both in our call and any prospective job information and outdated resumes you may have sent. From there I alchemize the bits and pieces into a polished and powerful presentation package that will get you noticed. Perfect for anyone in transition, changing industries, making a quantum leap, or just shooting for the stars, your Power Page™ will be a living, breathing extension of all your best personal and professional attributes. Let's go get what you're after!

Yep, you can get back to channeling your dream job.

Step Two: I Take the Wheel!

Get ready for a confidence boost, and a victory lap. You'll look so good, you might not even recognize yourself. Your package includes three rounds of revisions, so as we embark on this journey together, know that all things are fluid and flexible. Formatting, styling, layout, and even content tweaks are all par for the course. If you're wondering how long it'll take to complete your project, it's really up to you (and my current workload, of course). Some Power Pages™ take as little as 30 days while others can take a couple of months. The more specific you are and the more content you are able to provide, the quicker things (usually) go. Standalone resumes can typically be completed in 3 weeks or less. 

You'll be amazed by how you now see the power within
(that was always there).

Step Three: Post-Production


let's get started!

Total Investment: $1,111

- A revolutionary and completely customized Power Page™ that is unlike anything you've ever invested in, thoughtfully designed to highlight all of your best attributes and skills in a cohesive and professional way

- An accompanying upscale resume PDF that complements the aesthetic of the Power Page™ while providing that tangible, deliverable piece that many employers are looking for. This one will definitely stand out from the rest!

- An undeniably high-quality package and experience that leaves you feeling seen, heard, understood, valued, and confident to move into the next phase of your career or professional endeavors

- Ownership of your Power Page™ domain 

- Up to three rounds of collaborative revisions to ensure you're completely in love with the finished product

- Opportunity to book additional support services (such as career transition coaching) or design services at a discount (think business cards and logos that match your Power Page™ for a complete + personalized brand suite)

you'll receive:

The Career Re//Vision Package

payment plans available

Standalone Resume: $333

uplevel my resume

You've probably heard the quote "Brevity is the soul of wit," right? Well, I admittedly used to struggle with the brevity part. As someone who loves communication oh-so much, I know all too well the painstaking complexity of fitting every little thing onto one page - because when it comes to your talents, it's all supremely important, isn't it? This is why the Power Page™ and resume package makes such a huge difference. Your resume will speak to exactly what qualifies you for the job in question while providing the context of how you gained that experience. Your ever-so-versatile Power Page™ is where we have the space to get creative, because it's a self-contained, living, breathing extension of YOU! We can display all of your unique assets, credentials, stats, and work examples that may seem unconventional and random on a resume, but are wonderfully tied together on a Power Page™. Unconventional? Maybe, but being different is the first step to getting noticed.

your experience will finally speak for you.

No more boring bullet points, resume cliches, or vague and meandering job descriptions. We'll hone it in, kick it up a few notches, dial it back if we have to, and then hit it right out of the park. Your upleveled, custom resume will speak to exactly what qualifies you for the job in question while providing the context of how you gained that experience. Whether your PDF resume gets emailed or printed and distributed, I'm willing to wager that it will look nothing like the many others landing in the inbox or on the desk of the hiring manager. With a presentation that screams "I'm the one" and the follow-through tips to back it up, your reputation will precede you in the best way possible. We'll also discuss cleaning up your social media profiles, how to ace the interview, and anything else you're concerned about. 

you'll exude polish and professionalism.

Did you know that 76% of resume rejections are due to unprofessional-sounding email addresses, or that 39% of candidates get rejected due to overall confidence level? As your trusted advisor, I don't overlook these things. I'm not just crafting you a premium-looking package, I'm looking out for you. By the end of our time working together, you'll not only have the confidence that you will get the call, but also the assurance that you'll leave a great impression afterwards.
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You'll embody the confidence that says "hire me."

How a Unique and Upscale Presence Positions You for Leverage

— Linda C.
Senior Compliance Manager

"I feel that I got way more than I paid for, especially because I landed the job at a much higher rate of pay!"

— Ariel M.
Owner, Delta E.M. Wellness

"You consistently go above and beyond and it’s such a pleasure working with you!"

Hello! Let's cut to the chase: I'm a former corporate marketing professional with over a decade of experience in multiple fields. A lifelong creative and writer with a background in fine arts, putting an artistic spin on my work in the business world was easy, lending a fresh new perspective to ordinary workplace concepts. I'm extremely passionate about the nuances of communication through all mediums. No matter the goal, oftentimes effective communication can make all the difference in customer experience and retention. That’s how the idea to start my own business was born. I blend my passion for helping others with my love of all things communication + creativity, and it's fulfilling to know the relationships created are enriching lives and communities through helping businesses and high-achieving professionals thrive. My goal is to help others illustrate their dreams with stand-out marketing services that highlight their greatness in a unique way. I design compelling websites and career resources for professionals who don't have the time or tech savvy to do it all themselves, who want to eliminate the overwhelm and minimize disruption to their business, and who want a highly personalized experience that comes from having a guide who is genuinely connected to them. I also offer integrative 1:1 support to accompany each of my offerings. I would love to get to know you and your beautiful goals. 

I'm Jessica — award-winning web designer, content marketer + career coach

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