Sacred Spaces

You're undergoing a creative metamorphosis. So you might be outgrowing your physical space, or finding it uninspiring. I consciously curate sacred spaces that make you feel inspired, to support your creative evolution. This is a cosmetic overhaul of an existing space, infused with your unique energetic signature to create an environment that feels like home on a soul level.

that beckons you to create + express authentically

Aesthetic Reimagining

The sacred spaces I create are a physical embodiment of sacred ritual, ceremonious celebration, inner divinity, and elevated beauty that will reflect + recalibrate your inner truth.

A dramatic transformation of a space's vibe + mood will make it more welcoming, inviting, comforting, highly personal + conducive to the manifestation of your desired reality.

A sacred space is one that resonates with your soul and its highest expression.

It should be infused with your unique essence and invite you to linger.

This is more than redecorating. This is a soul service.

As within, so without.

Your sacred space is what you would look like and feel like if you were a room.
It’s the outward representation of your inner world.

When finished, your sacred space will be cleansed and blessed with intention,
then gifted with a bonus (surprise) unique signature piece that symbolizes your transformation. 

Quizzes and interactive components to make styling your space feel even more intuitive!

Design tips and related content for DIY implementation

Design archetypes based on your astrological profile

Sacred elements for the reimagining of your physical space

Coming soon:

Additional Content Coming Soon!

Currently, sacred space design is only available to current coaching clients to maintain the integrity + highly personalized nature of the offering. Pricing will be customized per client based on a number of factors.

— Andrew L.
Owner, MTI Photography

"Working with Guidepost Creative is wonderful. Jessica's ability to understand and communicate the needs of clients proved to benefit all parties involved. Her creative nature and professionalism integrated perfectly with how MTI Photography works. We couldn't be happier, and we look forward to working together again soon."

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— Gerard P.
Owner, Petersen Pressure Wash

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— Ariel M.
Owner, Delta E.M. Wellness

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— Paul G.
Business Development, D. Gillette Industrial Services

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— Nick H. 
Finance & Accounting, D. Gillette Industrial Services

— Robert B.
Owner, The Burpee Group

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Salon Owner

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Hi there! Let's cut to the chase: I'm a former corporate marketing professional with over a decade of experience in multiple fields. A lifelong creative + writer with a background in fine arts, putting an artistic spin on my work in the business world was easy, lending a fresh new perspective to ordinary workplace concepts. I'm extremely passionate about the nuances of communication through all mediums. No matter the goal, oftentimes effective communication can make all the difference in customer experience and retention. That’s how the idea to start my own business was born. I blend my passion for helping others with my love of all things communication + creativity, and it's fulfilling to know the relationships created are enriching lives and communities through helping businesses and high-achieving professionals thrive. Through the many different iterations of myself + my company, the anchor has always been staying connected to self-discovery. My goal is to help others step into their highest evolutionary standard by providing services that encourage them to rise up to meet their next level in truth, integrity, authenticity, and wholeness. My skills + services are diverse but the approach is simple: each + every client begins with a 90-minute AstroIntensive to uncover the unique ways in which they relate to the themes of their reality. Needs are pinpointed through a highly personalized experience that connects each person to their soul — I'm just the guide + facilitator. I would love to get to know you and your beautiful goals.

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I'm Jessica — holistic life coach, intuitive astrologer, creative guru, and taco fanatic

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