Sacred Spaces

Bringing your one-of-a-kind vision to life. Even if you don't have a vision, because the thought of putting yourself out there is scary, you can trust that I have a vision + it's based on the one-of-a-kind you! 
That's right - my process is organically and intuitively aligned with your unique personality, set of skills + the things that make you undeniable!

that help you stand out online.

Gorgeous Websites

While the options and approaches to website design have multiplied like crazy, I believe this has also diluted the truth of what a website represents for many people. The purpose of a website is not just to slap a few pages together as cheaply or as quickly as possible and hope for visitors — no; websites ARE sacred spaces that exist digitally. They're virtual "storefronts" that create just as much of an experience of your brand as walking into a physical space would!

A huge percentage of your potential customers will make the decision to either purchase from you and return again or go elsewhere because of your website. Think about the last store you entered or the last website you visited that really had an impact. Whether it was the ambiance and energy of the physical space, the presentation, the lighting and textures, or whether the website was impressive, unique and engaging, those elements all illicit a sense of wanting and intrigue — did they not?

Personal Connection + Storytelling are Crucial to the Design of Your Successful Website.

Holistic + intuitive website design is about creating websites that illicit feeling 

and I do that through getting to know the person behind the story first.

Your potential customers are drawn to you initially because of your vibe and they stay because of your storytelling.
So, it needs to be compelling. It needs to break the rules. 

Imagine working with a web designer who takes a completely radical approach to designing your website, so that you know:

• there isn't another site like it
• what you're saying + displaying feel authentic + in alignment for you 
• your content + vibe will magnetize the right customers + repel the wrong ones because your mission will be clear
• when it's real, it's magnetic — you aren't just another number or another recycled template; your website is a living entity!

In short, I am a translator of stories who draws the beauty + uniqueness out of yours. 

I cultivate sacred space for your vision to flourish in a way that wildly exceeds standard web design practices.
Your website will feel like yours + help you live a life + create a digital footprint that feels like a reflection of your essence. 

If this sounds like the right approach for you, 
then let's work together. 


Your messaging is your storefront.

How We Make

Magic Happen

You are the living embodiment of your brand, so YOU are the key component of your website. 

This initial meet + greet is more like a super informal interview. I want to know everything, so pretend I'm your bff and spill. Getting to know you both personally + professionally is a huge part of my creative process, because I infuse your uniqueness into everything I create, making your website, resume, or Power Page™ unlike any other. We'll talk about your strengths + skills, hopes + dreams, needs + solutions, as well as your ideal reality. Then I get started making it all come to life!

We'll meet on Zoom or chat on the phone to get acquainted + start strategizing!

Step One: We Connect

Your goal is to pass the baton to someone who's going to illustrate your desires without taking you away from your current vital activities. I've got you. I'll get started using the pure gold that I unearthed in our fact-finding call, designing, drafting + compiling a digital vehicle that will take you all the way to your definition of success. You can sit back + relax while I immerse myself in the creative process of bringing your dreams to life and positioning you as the deserving recipient of all you've ever desired in your business or professional life. 

Yep, you can get back to focusing on your day-to-day + what you do best.

Step Two: I Take the Wheel!

Your package includes three rounds of revisions, so as we embark on this journey together, know that all things are fluid and flexible. Formatting, styling, layout, and even content tweaks are all par for the course. If you're wondering how long it'll take to complete your project, it's really up to you (and my current workload, of course). Some websites and Power Pages™ take as little as 30 days while others can take up to six months. The more specific you are and the more content you are able to provide, the quicker things (usually) go. Standalone resumes can typically be completed in three weeks or less. Additional support is also available.

You'll get to feast your eyes on a beautiful new extension of yourself.

Step Three: Post-Production

let's get started!

Package starts at $5,555

- An introductory deep dive into your own journey of self-discovery where you'll be lovingly guided towards the truths of your experience + identity that are most important to share

- All aspects of a done-for-you website (from start to finish) with a stunningly personalized design that is infused with the elements we uncovered during your personal analysis session

- Content and copy crafted and perfected by an avid, in-demand writer, storyteller + creative goddess

- Accuracy, precision, and on-brand messaging from a gifted communicator + connector who thoughtfully pinpoints your unique skills and vibe

- Strategic on-page SEO that speaks to search engines and gets you ranking + visibility 

- Opportunity to book additional support services and have continued access to me as your guide and partner

you'll receive:

Virtual Sacred Space Package

payment plans available

want to extend your sacred space to the physical realm as well?

let's get started!

Package starts at $6,666

- All of the above for your website (virtual sacred space) to become a digital extension of your brand

- A consciously curated sacred space that makes you feel seen + expressed; an aesthetic reimagining of a physical space of your choosing, which will facilitate a creative metamorphosis

- A cosmetic overhaul infused with your unique energetic signature to create an environment that feels like home and magnetically beckons you to return time and time again

- A dramatic transformation of the space's vibe + mood to make it more welcoming, inviting, comforting, highly personal, and conducive to the manifestation of your desired realities

- A physical embodiment of sacred ritual, ceremonious celebration, inner divinity, and a beautified, elevated environment that will reflect and recalibrate your inner truth. As within, so without. Your sacred space is what you would look like and feel like if you were a room. It’s the outer manifestation of your inner world.

- Your sacred space will be cleansed and blessed with intention, then gifted with a surprise unique signature piece that symbolizes you. 

you'll receive:

Sacred Space Duo

payment plans available

and then beyond...

Ask me about adding this onto your plan!

$333 monthly

Imagine having your own personal success manager at your fingertips, working behind the scenes to ensure that you can hit the ground running and keep going. With me, that's exactly what you'll get. 

I don't just build your website and then leave you to manage things on your own. For six months after your website launches, I will actively nurture and monitor your online presence to ensure that your investment is primed to pay off. I will perform regular SEO audits, provide insights pertaining to your site's performance, help you connect powerful tools that will automate your success, and record helpful how-tos and tips that you can reuse over and over.

This highly connective program takes the stress out of launching and building your new site, allowing you to maintain focus on what you do best: representing your brand, providing your services, and satisfying your customers.


Customized Website Support


by infusing their authentic desires into a cohesive and killer web presence that not only stands out, but creatively embodies and beckons their wildest dreams.

to help you embody your next level.

I create stunning, done-for-you business websites

Hey, I'm jessica. I specialize in taking businesses and high-achieving professionals to the next level 

as effortlessly authentic as you are.

Your online presence should be

You are not just any ordinary business owner, entrepreneur or professional. You are amazing, bold, and here to win! But you don't have time to become master of messaging and cringe your way through a crash course in haphazard, DIY web design just to end up with a cookie cutter, poorly performing website. Luckily for you, everything positive and unique anyone could ever say about you or your business will all be RIGHT THERE at your dream clients' fingertips, and it'll all be done for you in one fell swoop!

show your audience how you're different.

A killer web presence lets you stay in your genius zone. Not having to worry about "the marketing stuff" yourself frees up mental space to focus on what you do best each day - allowing you to be more effective, more productive, and more profitable. Imagine being able to trust that you can be the best version of yourself because your website is delivering the most authentic experience possible to everyone who is searching for your services.

a level of confidence you didn't know existed.

There's a motto that goes something like, "if your website isn't bringing you business, it isn't working." Oftentimes, if you're new to the game, you can fall into the trap of creating a site that looks good and letting it fall into the vacuum of cyberspace. Technical aspects and integrations cannot be ignored! When they function properly, you know what business is coming from your site, which means you know who you're reaching and what part of your messaging is working.

never wonder where you stand again.

How a Killer Web Presence Changes Your Life...

— John S.
Owner, J&J Mechanical, Inc.

"Jessica is amazing. Very responsive, professional, and creative. Wonderful ideas and graphics which brings our business great traffic."

— Andrew P.
President, Narrative Media

"Jessica was really helpful in kicking off our content marketing efforts. She wrote a number of blog posts for our website, developed an email strategy to stay in touch with prospective clients and designed some great graphics for our social media campaigns. She's a great writer, she's easy to work with and completes deliverables on time."

— Andrew L.
Owner, MTI Photography

"Working with Guidepost Creative is wonderful. Jessica's ability to understand and communicate the needs of clients proved to benefit all parties involved. Her creative nature and professionalism integrated perfectly with how MTI Photography works. We couldn't be happier, and we look forward to working together again soon."

"How do I even start? I knew I wanted to hire a business consultant but really wasn't sure what I wanted them to do. I spoke with 3 companies on the phone and pretty much 'interviewed' who I wanted to hire. Well let me say Jessica blew my mind! We went over what I wanted and Jessica prepared a quote. She won me over with her knowledge and her game plan to help drive clients to my business. Within a few days calls, emails, and texts were coming in and we were able to track them back to Jessica's efforts. My close rate was up as she helped build that trust between me and my client. I will be continuing to use her business in the future and will be extending my contract. 5-star business all the way!"

— Gerard P.
Owner, Petersen Pressure Wash

"My experience with Guidepost Creative has been nothing short of exceptional since our first conversation(s) about needs and expectations. Turnaround time was terrific, communication was easy, taking concepts and turning them into actual things exceeded my vision. I am thrilled to work with Jessica and refer my friends and colleagues to this magnificent creative collective."

— Ariel M.
Owner, Delta E.M. Wellness

"Thank you Jessica! Your work is nothing short of exceptional and the website exceeded our expectations. From start to finish, your responsiveness, creativity and professionalism made this entire process so much easier."

— Paul G.
Business Development, D. Gillette Industrial Services

"Our business used Jessica for a full website creation. We could not be happier with the results and overall experience that she offered us. Jessica was extremely helpful throughout and has been just an email away for any updates that have been required as our business grows. I would recommend Jessica to anyone looking for website design and hosting needs."

— Nick H. 
Finance & Accounting, D. Gillette Industrial Services

— Robert B.
Owner, The Burpee Group

"We hired Jessica to design and lay out our new website, and we could not be more pleased with her creative design and professionalism. She is awesome and we highly recommend her!"

— Raymond O.
Salon Owner

"Jessica was able to help my business in the midst of a complex situation and build us a new website from scratch, as well as connecting some other dots with various account integrations and transfers. Jessica came out to our site and interviewed the staff to get a feel for the way the business should be represented. She was hands-on, responsive, and I was pleased with the turnaround time. Everything is now balanced, cohesive, and I am so happy with the design of our new website."

Hello! Let's cut to the chase: I'm a former corporate marketing professional with over a decade of experience in multiple fields. A lifelong creative and writer with a background in fine arts, putting an artistic spin on my work in the business world was easy, lending a fresh new perspective to ordinary workplace concepts. I'm extremely passionate about the nuances of communication through all mediums. No matter the goal, oftentimes effective communication can make all the difference in customer experience and retention. That’s how the idea to start my own business was born. I blend my passion for helping others with my love of all things communication + creativity, and it's fulfilling to know the relationships created are enriching lives and communities through helping businesses and high-achieving professionals thrive. My goal is to help others illustrate their dreams with stand-out marketing services that highlight their greatness in a unique way. I design compelling websites and career resources for professionals who don't have the time or tech savvy to do it all themselves, who want to eliminate the overwhelm and minimize disruption to their business, and who want a highly personalized experience that comes from having a guide who is genuinely connected to them. I also offer integrative 1:1 support to accompany each of my offerings. I would love to get to know you and your beautiful goals. 

I'm Jessica — award-winning web designer, content marketer + career coach

meet  your

that's what I want!

Stand out in your market, feel confident online, and land the jobs and clients you deserve!

Elevate your brand!

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