On My 8th Year as an Entrepreneur

May 31, 2023

What you now know as Guidepost began eight years ago and was officially launched May 31, 2015.

The number eight is represented by the infinity symbol and signifies a cyclical path of energy that encompasses inner wisdom, spirituality, and the balance between the physical and immaterial.

Eight also represents the zodiac sign Capricorn (my sign) and its ruling planet, Saturn.

An eight year could represent the infinite potential to reach new heights through determination, grounded spirituality and a healthy balance between the corporeal and the ethereal. This is the first year in a long time that I can feel the possibility when I breathe. There’s a lightness holding me now.

What does any of this mean and why does it matter?

As illustrated by the Hermetic Axiom “as above, so below, as within so, without, as the universe, so the soul,” life really is full of serendipity and synchronicity. Most people chalk it up to coincidence, but my work in the world is dedicated to understanding it as magic of the highest order.

After eight years, my desire to build an integrated life that blends the personal and professional is finally starting to come to fruition. The vision I had all those years ago is tangible now. My personal and professional journeys have mirrored one another in a way that almost elicits bewilderment, and yet, I’m not surprised.

So when I reflect on what’s the same in my business and what’s changed, it’s also a reflection of my personal life. This interconnectedness is what I’ve hoped for (and it’s what I’m celebrating) as a recovering perfectionist living in a capitalist patriarchy that promotes compartmentalization and disconnection from self. (News flash: we’re not all just cogs in a wheel.)

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time weaving in and out of the metaphorical underworld, the dark night of the soul, and the fertile void. It felt eternal and maddening, but I can finally say that rebirth is happening. I am awakening, my cells are starting to buzz. Things are verdant, vibrant, and fluid. And much like you might lose a shoe while trudging through the muck, I’ve been stripping away the layers of conditioning and false identities that were keeping me stuck.

It’s a long and arduous process, but it’s one that is mirrored by the great cosmic tapestry — a tale as old as time.

When I started 25 Hours Consulting in 2015, my “why” was simple: I hated corporate life and didn’t want a boss. I wanted to create my own schedule and choose my own clients and projects. I wanted to be there for the people who mattered most in my life without having to beg for time off. I left (what felt like) a corporate prison around the same time as I left (what felt like) a domestic prison, and moved to the same development where I live now, all alone, and started up the business — on my own, with no experience. It felt like a sacred mission. It was something I just had to do. The money wasn’t what mattered, the upheaval didn’t scare me, there wasn’t really any fear of the unknown — there was just faith.

Over time, things changed, and my domestic situation shifted again. I traded one container for another and realized that, just like my life, my business was in need of expansion. 25 Hours and the services it provided were feeling too restrictive for this new form I was adopting. It was a clunky process but I eventually gathered the courage to rebrand my business and pivot to something entirely new, except this time I didn’t do it alone. I had learned how to seek support.

That’s when the really big changes started to unfold. I hadn’t been noticing the ways that all the parts of myself and my life wanted to evolve in tandem. I was trying so hard to keep them separate and not let my own rough edges touch the boundaries of my business. But over time, it became clear that meeting those edges would dissolve the boundaries so beautifully that I could be my business and it could be me. I could be all of it.

Fast forward to now and I’ve again traded containers, intentionally downsizing the footprint by returning back to the place where the business was born eight years ago (synchronicity). I’m in a place that inspires that balance I mentioned in the opening sentences of this post, where I can downshift in order to uplevel. Again, my faith was greater than my fear, and I’m reminded every day that the universe rewards courage. I’m reminded, again, that I don’t have to deny or reject any parts of me in order to be who I’m meant to be in the world — in fact, doing so would only perpetuate the treason.

Back then, my “why” was physical and material. It was self-focused. The services I offered were bespoke replicas of corporate concepts, aimed at organizations and companies who wanted to improve their bottom line through my unique take on scaled-back boutique marketing. Now, my business is about teaching you why you do your best work near the water and how the energy you were born with shows up to support you if you just lean into it.

Deconditioning is a life’s work for most. It wasn’t until I stopped resisting the urge to just be fully myself that my vision for business and life became clear. Today, my business is embodied. My business is me. The “why” is in reminding others of sacred interconnectedness. Reminding others of the divinity in them. Helping them remember who they are, not just who the world says they are. Helping them call themselves back home by leaning into what they already know deep down, so that their visions for a higher calling can emerge, crystal clear and with pure intention. To help them stop drinking the poison we’re sold that manifesting our heart’s desires is only achieved through numbing them so much that we become inundated with everyone else’s.

The “why” now is the beauty and liberation of the self-acceptance that comes with radical authenticity. It might feel scary, but you can’t truly sleep in peace until you know you’re not living a lie.

My work is to guide others toward the many building blocks of self-discovery and embodiment. My vehicle of choice is astrology because that’s the language I speak, and it’s a beautiful starting point that often springboards someone into another modality. Astrology showed me how I was created, what gifts I was given and how I’m meant to express them, it taught me how to reconcile my vastly different inner and outer worlds, how to take care of myself, my natural struggles and how to remedy them, the areas of life that need attention, and the shape of my journey.

And it continues to reveal and mirror things that guide me forward on the path of self, of love, of life, of healing, of integrating, and embodying. Astrology is the tool that helped me silence the noise of everything that was blocking me from myself. And once I could hear and see myself, I realized, I love her.

Eight years.

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Recently Bold Journey graciously held space for me to tell the story of my own bold journey through entrepreneurship (with all of its twists and turns).

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