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Few things on the journey of self-discovery bring as much clarity to the question of "Who am I?" as astrology can. Feeling seen and validated are central to the awakening process. Learn what the universe says about you on a soul level — before you took on the conditioning of the world.

Do you deeply desire integration and guidance? Readings provide great insight, but if you want to learn how to intuitively embody your unique design and uncover which steps to take in order to unlock your highest potential, then apply for AstroIntensive Coaching today.

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Whatever you're looking for,

let's make it beautiful.

At Guidepost Creative, I help you uncover the truth of who you are + infuse your uniqueness into holistically integrated creative solutions + resources. Our work together will harness your inner power, a spark of imagination + the art of sacred devotion to elevate your everyday reality, so that you can dance with life while you live it.

a Customized, intuitive interpretation of your astrological blueprint

Astrology-infused coaching containers for holistic integration + change

When you book an astrology reading with me, you'll tell me the reason why. Why this, why here, why now? Based on your answer, I'll analyze specific parts of your birth chart to reveal any patterns, themes, conditioning, blocks, hidden gifts, karmic lessons, and influences that may be at play. Your reading will illuminate the shadowy space between your questions and answers so that you can take embodied action to transform your life. 

You want guidance and solutions tailored to you. I get that. So I make it personal. The entire program I create for you is based on two things: your unique astrological blueprint (your energy, your vibe, your life's purpose) and the cycles of the moon. That's it. The rest emerges as magic over the course of our time together. There are no pre-ordained suggestions or resources. We will collaboratively + intuitively determine which action steps or creative solutions are right for you as the journey unfolds.

Depending on what is revealed to us throughout the course of your coaching program,
we may explore several types of creative solutions and integrative resources
that can be categorized by the following areas.



Hey, I'm Jessica!

How do I do it?

Individual Astrology Readings

Astrology-Infused Coaching

Clarity + Insight

Intuitive Guidance

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Are there other tools in my toolkit? Of course!

Think of the four guideposts as the four elements.
These are the areas in which I devise creative + holistic solutions to affect change
in any particular area of need. These services are only available to coaching clients inside of an established container, or as a one-time service selected during a 90-minute AstroIntensive.




the four guideposts

When your experience includes challenges in the area of community + the collective, some resources worth exploring include corporate solutions for intelligent leadership, team-building or community events, or an exploration of group dynamics.

If your sense of balance and equilibrium has become compromised, one of the most effective ways to restore it is to make changes in the physical realm. I design sacred spaces that are intentionally curated + customized to call forth your most integrated energy.

In the liminal space of transition and reconstruction, it can be challenging to embrace your authentic purpose. PowerPages™ are digital resume companions that convey information about your energetic profile, to facilitate true alignment with future opportunities.

When in need of something that falls outside of the realm of my expertise, I will simply act as the Guidepost by referring you to services and solutions created by my network of partners and healers. I will also curate third-party resources that I've found to be helpful myself.




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corporate solutions for intelligent leadership, team-building or community events, or an exploration of group dynamics

to facilitate collective impact

  • is in a position of authority and wants to examine + make positive changes to their style of leadership 
  • wants to understand the comparative dynamics at play within a larger group or work environment
  • would like to explore ways to create + deepen meaningful connections within a team or community
  • is part of a conscious and curious team or group that wishes to explore ways to authentically engage
  • considers themself an intelligent leader who desires more authentic connection through a genuine understanding of each team member's unique gifts

Who it's for:

Anyone who...

Some examples of customized Guidepost Creative solutions are:

  • CEO 2.0 or Lead By Design Reading
  • Group or Team Reading
  • Team Building Events
  • Recreational Gatherings

make over my space


The curation and design of a sacred space is an aesthetic reimagining of any designated interior space that will 

facilitate a creative metamorphosis.

  • is highly visually motivated and easily distracted when their environment doesn’t reflect their inner world
  • needs a space to call their own and wants to take embodied action to reclaim it
  • is looking for a personalized space that will serve as a daily solitary retreat, a place to “shut off” or a place to “tune in”
  • wants to create balance and harmony by solidifying physical boundaries around their time (in an era where we blend worlds by working from home)
  • wants to cultivate more of their core desired feelings in a certain area of their life

Who it's for:

Anyone who...

Some examples of a sacred space might be:

  • Reading + reflection nook
  • Meditation area
  • Home office
  • Personal sanctuary

a PowerPage™ is your resume's energetic counterpart.

Based on my findings from your 90-minute AstroIntensive or customized coaching program, I will create a digital representation of your professional skills and strengths, based on your personality profile. 

Create my


The work world is changing

and it's more important than ever to stand out to prospective employers. Your PowerPage™ can be presented as an add-on to your traditional resume, as a link on a social media profile, or as a QR code on a business card to give interested parties a complete picture of who you are, not just as an employee, but as a human being. Change the way you represent yourself and claim an active role in manifesting your destiny.


When we work together, I get to know you. 
Your likes and dislikes. 
What works for you and what doesn't. 

I will also help you to uncover what is true and what is just conditioned resistance.

explore the modalities that have helped me and countless others achieve true healing.

Throughout our relationship I will thoughtfully curate resources for you to access + explore, as well as act in my capacity as Guidepost by referring you to trusted partner healers within my network who operate in similar but different zones of genius.

I work with hypnotherapists, meditation coaches, yoga teachers, intuitive readers, and various health + wellness professionals to provide you with the most aligned options possible for your holistic + integrated healing.

Packages can be discussed and customized on an individual basis throughout the course of your coaching program. 

A mentor + coach once told me, the thing we most resist is usually the thing we most need. 

— Maegan H.
Real Estate

"Jessica really understands small business owners."

— Christina E.
Salon Manager

"A breeze to work with. Fast and efficient."